What Is Element 79 Arts


Element 79 Arts the latest evolution in my love and passion for photography and visual art.  I've been a professional photographer based in the Kansas City area since about 2007 (and a hobby-photographer for much longer!).  But for a long time I've been trying to figure out how to tie in my more creative and sometimes abstract artistic talents into my photography.  So this is my solution.  Element 79 Arts is a...platform...an organization I suppose...where I can create photographic art and offer it for sale, or be commissioned (hired) to capture/create the visualization of an idea that you (the client) might have...and turn it into photographically-based visual art.  The kind of art I capture and create ranges from conventional photography, to visually creative imagery (image-manipulation for creative or artistic effect employing a variety of artistic styles).


Wedding and Event Photography:  This is something which I very much enjoy...capturing the images of a special day or event and developing them into beautiful and often stunning works of art.  These events typically involve part or all of a day of image-capture, followed by 2-3 weeks of image-file handling, processing, image-development, etc, and resulting in anywhere from several hundred to several thousand finished, fully-developed and retouched images.  Due to the time-intensive nature of this, wedding/event photography must be booked a minimum of 6 months in advance, and require a security-deposit.  Contact me for details.

Portraiture:  The images that I capture and develop into portraits are commission-based and broad in scope.  I do "Headshot" Portraits (for media promotion, businesses, or personal/professional use), Pet Portraits, Intimate/'Boudoir', Pregnancy, Newborn, Couple/Family Portraits, High-School Senior Portraiture, etc., etc.  Scheduling a commissioned portrait-session should be done at least 1 month in advance.  Additionally, although I do occasionally rent studio-space when absolutely necessary, the image-capture of portraits is typically done "in the field".  With couple/family/high-school-senior portraiture, this typically involves meeting somewhere like a park, playground, or other public place.  For photography that works better with a "studio-look" (i.e. headshot, pet, intimate/boudoir, pregnancy, newborn, etc.), I keep all of the lighting and backdrop gear and equipment required highly portable, so I can set up a mobile 'studio' in your home.

Landscape and Artistically-Manipulated Photographic Art:  The images I capture/create are partially captured whenever I'm out-and-about or taking a vacation, but also via commission.  If you see a piece that I've already captured/created and would like to purchase a print (large or small), let me know...I have a wide range of sizes that can be printed and types of materials that they can be printed on.  If you have an idea for an image that's more unique or unusual, contact me and we can discuss exactly what you're thinking of and what I can do to make it happen for you.

Digitization of Your Old Print Photographs:  You've got a big shoebox full of photographs, and not enough time or motivation to scan them in and make digital copies of them?  I've got your back!  Lend me your photos, I'll take excellent care of them as I scan them in and create high-resolution, full-size digital copies of them.  When I'm done, you'll get all of your prints back nice-and-neat, and a flash-drive containing digital copies of all of them that you'll be able to reprint and reprint as much as you please, and/or share them via email or social media!  Contact me today to commission the work and I'll give you a quote on how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Old Print Photograph Digital Repair/Reconstruction:  You have some old print photographs of a long lost relative or a special person, place, or thing...but the prints are damaged...faded, folded, scratched, or otherwise falling apart.  I can fix it!  I start by scanning the photograph(s) in at high-resolution, then work on the images with patience and deft artistic agility to reconstruct missing parts of the image (if/when at all possible), remove scratches, erase folds, improve contrast and sharpness, restore colors, and otherwise bring it back as close to original quality as possible.  Contact me to discuss the condition of the photograph you want to restore, what I can do for you, estimate how long it will take, and provide you with an offer/quote.  This work is also on a commission-basis, and often the work is fairly time-consuming, so bear that in mind if you have something you need done with a deadline (i.e. you're doing it as a birthday or holiday gift for someone).